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Digital Audio, Video and Photographic Equipment Checkout

Canon XL2 3-Chip Digital Video Camera


Features and Requirements:
• Art & Design Graduate Students only.*
• Requires DV tape.
• Firewire 4 to 6 pin cable connects to any Macintosh in the CMC lab for use with Final Cut Pro HD.
• Graduate students registered in the cross discipline DFA program are able to checkout these cameras with special permission granted by the CMC manager in response to written request made by an Art & Design DFA faculty member. Deposit requiremens applies.

CMC Digital Equipment Checkout Policy and Procedures
Students must be currently enrolled as a declared major within an Art & Design studio, art history or art education program.

• Students MUST provide a photo copy their own GSU Student Identification card. This can be done in lab by scanning your ID in Adobe Photoshop and printing the image to the B/W HP2300 Laser Printer for 10¢ using your GSU ID card with Pather Cash.

• The Check Out and Check in of equipment is limited to Open Lab times Monday through Friday 8:15am - 5:15pm.

• Each Check Out period last 1 week.

• Check Outs can not be renewed or extended.

• Checked in equipment must remain in the CMC and be available for other students until next day before it will be checked out again after its return.

• Students are responsible for ALL items loaned. Failure to return an item will require the student to pay for replacement.

$10 Late fee will be applied to each day that a device has not been returned.

• All Late Fees must be paid by check or money order before any other Check Outs will be granted.

• All fees must be paid with 1 week of the original due date for the equipment return.

• Fees must be paid at the CMC during Open Lab times.

• Unpaid fees will be posted as unresolved debts to the student's GSU account and enforced as described in the GSU Student Handbook.

Art & Design Faculty may checkout equipment within standard checkout guidelines during Open Lab times. Special situations may be approved if requested in writing ahead of time.
Photocopy of GSU Faculty ID also required for this purpose.


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