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Computer Cart Equipment Checkout (for use in AH Building Only)

CMC Computer Cart Checkout Policies
Updated: Wednesday, September 17, 2008 5:23 PM

Schedule Information:
• The Checking Out and Checking In of Computer Cart based Equipment is limited to Open Lab times.

• The CMC Information Desk can be reached during Open Lab times only at 404-413-5278. Please check the Open Lab Schedule before calling in order to avoid interrupting classes that are session.

Who Can Checkout Equipment:
• Students must be currently enrolled as a declared major within an Art & Design studio, art history, or art education programs.

• Only (1) camera, video camera, or recorder can be loaned per checkout.

• ALL students MUST provide current copies of ALL of the required identification and enrollment information before equipment will be checked out to them.

1. GSU Student Identification card,
2. Georgia Drivers License,
Current local address and phone number,
4. Current GSU email address,
5. Current GoSolar generated list of their current course registration and major.

• All of these items can be generated on site in the CMC lab, by scanning your IDs, as well as accessing GoSolar online and printing the images and information using the CMC's B/W HP2300 Laser Printer. Otherwise, students should plan to use any standard copy machine. Note: the CMC does not have a copy machine.

• Art & Design Faculty may checkout equipment within standard checkout guidelines during Open Lab times. A photocopy of the faculty member's ID along with all other standard checkout paperwork is required for this purpose.

Checkout Length:
• Each Check out period last several days and can be renewed for 1 additional check out period for a total of 2 consecutive check out blocks, only if renewed in person, with the equipment in hand.

• Over-the-phone renewals are not permitted.

• Check out will not be extended if request is made when equipment is being returned late.

• Checked in equipment must remain in the CMC and be available for other student checkouts until the next day before it will be checked out again to the same student after its return.

Late Fees, Damages and Loss:
• Students are responsible for ALL items loaned. Failure to return an item will require the student to pay for replacement.

$10 Late fee will be applied to each day that a device has not been returned.

• Payment in full using personal checks, with proper identification, is required for late fees.

• All Checks must be made out the Georgia State University and must include your local address, local phone number, and Georgia Drivers License number along with the license expiration date.

• Cash can not be accepted for payment.

• Panther Cash can not be accepted for payment.

• Payment of all fines must be received before additional checkouts will be provided.

• All fees must be paid before the end of the last published Open Lab of the semester. Unpaid fees will be posted as unresolved debts to the student's GSU account and enforced as described in the GSU Student Handbook.

• Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design students, faculty, and staff who have requests for information that is not addressed within this web site can contact the CMC at cmcinfo@gsu.edu.


CMC Soundrack: (In-Lab Use only)
Features and Requirements:
• This equipment bundle contains variety of sound processing and 16 channel mixing equipment for use by Art & Design faculty within the Art & Humanities Building. Checkout must be arranged during Open Lab times.
• Firewire 6 to 6 pin cable connects to CMC Sound Cart Workstation with Digital Performer 4 or specific Workstations within the CMC lab with Digital Performer 4.



Sennheiser Headphones
Features and Requirements:
• High-quality sound monitoring.



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